All for Thee, Thy Will Be Done!


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Dear Friends,

We are very excited about the release of our second CD of songs of personal testimony of Almighty God's wondrous working in us (Psalm 23:3, 25:12, Eph. 2:10)! As blood bought servants of the Savior we rejoice in the wondrous truths and promises, which are for us and that are to be applied, experienced and exercise in our lives (John 17:17, 2 Cor. 1:20, Phil 4:4). When these truths are exercised and applied in our walk with the Lord we receive a wisdom, personal knowledge and experience that transcends the confines of time and ETERNITY (John 8:32, Eph. 2:1-6, 3:20-21, Col. 3:1-4, James 1:2-5)! This application gives us the Heavenly ETERNAL perspective, confidence, assurance, boldness and authority that we are indeed the Sons of God and the sound conviction and power to serve the Lord's calling and will for us; and to share the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ with the world (John 17:3, Phil 3:10, 2 Tim. 1:12). As we yield our lives here in time to Almighty God's glorious will, we lose absolutely nothing and gain everything, for our labor is indeed not in vain in the Lord (Matt. 19:27-30, 1 Cor. 2:9, 15:57-58, Gal. 2:20, Rev. 22:1-5)! All that the Father has for us in His perfect will will yield forth an ETERNAL fruit and weight unto the Father's glory and reward which transcends the vain and perishable self-willed agenda of one's life (Ida. 65:17, 1 Cor. 2:9, 3:11-16, 2 Tim. 1:9).


The theme and heart of the message of this CD is that in all that the world throws at us we can be more than conquerors in the power and strength of the Lord and that Almighty God's love for us seeks only the highest and best for us unto the Father's glory (Rom. 8:28-39, Phil. 4:13, 1 John 5:3-4)! These songs of personal testimony are a witness of the Father's wondrous care, outworking in our lives and personal love towards us in a world which outright rejects Him and His RIGHTEOUS Person (Matt. 5:16, John 15:1-8, 17:21, Eph. 2:10). In our walk with the Lord we personally experience and learn of the Lord's great provision for us in Christ Jesus and His tender care in the very hard realities of this brief life (Rom. 8:28-39, 1 Cor. 1:30-31, Phil. 4:19). All adversity, testings and blessings are to be used in our walk to bring us closer to the Father and to conform us to the image of His dear Son until we leave this world or until He comes for us in the clouds (Rom. 8:29, James 1:2-5, 1 John 3:1-4). Our thankful, genuine and sincere cry unto the Lord, as we see His wondrous glory more and more in His abounding grace and mercy is, “All for Thee our dear Lord, All for Thee, Thy will be done dear Father, Thy will be done!


Now our beloved! Unto the Chief Musician, Who alone is worthy of ALL BLESSING, GLORY, HONOR and PRAISE FOREVER and EVER! Amen!




Thy Will Be Done!

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Vessels for the Master's Use and Glory!


Adam Boone – Chief Production and Arrangement Manager


Steve Serkosky – Musical Arrangement and Editing


Justin Watson of Trod Nossel Studios – Engineer


Matthew R. Bennett - Arrangements and Helps


Nathan H. DeMar – Arrangements and Helps 



Adam Boone, Joel Hryniewicz, Matthew R. Bennett, Jonathon Bennett, Michael Holland, Steve Serkosky, Amy Pepe


Vocalists for "Little Sheep"

Renee Hryniewicz, Lori Hryniewicz, Lydia Bennett, Susanna Bennett, Julianna Bennett, Kathryn Bennett, Carolyn Bennett, Amy R. Pepe



Piano – Matthew R. Bennett

Violin – Lydia Bennett

Cello   - Valerie J. DeMar

Penny Whistle – Steve Serkosky

Guitar – DJP I.F.


Special Thanks!

Special thanks to John Zeller our “IT guy” for all his behind the scenes work and labors including his work on our music video page!


Also a very special thank you to Nathan DeMar, Valerie DeMar and Richard Kesseg in helping us write and record the cello tracts, which were recorded 800 miles away!


Lastly... special thanks to Justin Watson of Trod Nossel studios and his invaluable help and patience! As his motto goes, “It's not a problem!”


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